This week, one of our new team members is working at one of the newsagency businesses we own, getting to experience using our Point of Sale software through the eyes of a customer.

This is the kind of help desk employee training which money can’t buy. Having our own retail businesses for use as a live training ground in this way is invaluable for us.  It is key to helping us deliver understandable and practical customer service.

It stands to reason that if you have used the software yourself in a live business situation you are better equipped to empathise with the customer than if all you have to go off is software company training.  Empathy is vital to delivering a good customer service experience.

We run these live in-the-field training sessions for three days at a time.  In addition to helping our help desk team members better understand how our software is used, they uncover software enhancement opportunities thanks to fresh eyes looking at how the software is used.

Owning and operating retail businesses using our software provides us with a valuable point of difference which helps make us more attractive to sales prospects.