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Mandarin and Cantonese Help Desk support for Point of Sale software helps everyone

Our Mandarin and Cantonese language support for retailers using our Point of Sale software continues to win new customers for us.  Retailers who prefer to communicate in these languages tell their friends and that gets people knocking at our door.  Retailers who prefer English also talk up our mandarin and Cantonese support as they see this as delivering an efficiency which benefits them.

It is terrific sitting among the Help Desk team and hearing a call be completed in Mandarin as happened multiple times each day.   Beyond the knowledge that we have provided better quality and more useful assistance is the satisfaction that we have achieved this with greater efficiency than if we struggled with a language barrier.

It all comes down to the quality of the Help Desk service.  Our investment demonstrates our commitment to quality. It’s a terrific point of difference for Tower Systems. When we first offered Mandarin and Cantonese support seven years ago we know it would be important.  Just how important has only been shown over time.

We supplement Mandarin and Cantonese support with the offer of in-office face to face training.

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  1. Mandarin Language Services

    November 16, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    Thanks for promoting this services. It is useful to retailers. Not enough businesses do this.

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