We first launched Lay-By facilities in our Point of Sale software in the early 1990s and Lay-By handling has been a core facility in our software ever since.  Even though we have been in the Lay-By space for many years, we continue to evolve the Lay-By offer, delivering enhanced facilities and benefits to retail businesses using our Point of Sale software.

From serving fundamental Lay-By needs to meeting special needs presented to serve unique customer requirements, our Lay-By software is, in our view, flexible, valuable and vital to many different retail channels.

By offering Lay-Bay payment terms, retailers are able to facilitate more sales, especially in the lead up to major gift giving occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.

Beyond the software itself, it is our many years of experience, helping retailers engage with the Lay-By facilities, through which we can guide retailers to financial benefits for their businesses.  We are able to supplement our experience of client engagement with Lay-Bys with experience using the facilities in our own retail businesses.