We are working with a range of newsagents to facilitate their navigation of structural change in the newspaper and magazine distribution side of their businesses.

The pace of change has picked up in recent months and we are working with newsagents, some are customers and some are not, to help them create and operate business models which are more appropriate to the publisher driven changes in the distribution of newspapers in Australia.

We are able to leverage pour work over the last six years of helping the early adopters who have purchased and consolidated runs.  We are also able to leverage our work with the majority of capital city newsagents and the proof that we can support 150+ sub agents, corporate deliveries and multiple runs through the day.

Our newsagency software is flexible in terms of the services it provides in the area of newspaper distribution and home delivery management.  This includes flexibility in terms of customer account payment, customer billing, business performance reporting, distribution management, sub agent management and the publisher interface.

By delivering flexible software backed on easy-to-access knowledgable support, Tower Systems is well positioned to leverage its position to serve even more newsagents.

Today, more than 1,760 newsagents use the Tower Systems newsagency software.  This will increase as changes roll through the distribution side of the business and as software companies are tested for their commitment to helping newsagents navigate change.

With 56% market share of newsagents with a newsagency system, Tower Systems is 100% committed to helping the channel navigate the latest changes and to ensure that newsagents are able to use appropriate technology to extract value from their businesses.