Tower Systems has experienced the fourth straight month of excellent growth in the uptake of Tyro broadband EFTPOS by retailers using its Point of Sale software.

The surge has been facilitated by free access to the interface which connects the Tower POS software to Tyro, from within the Point of Sale function.  This interface eliminates the need for double data entry.  It reduces the opportunity for mistakes and helps retailers process more business quickly through the sales counter.

Many hundreds of retailers are now using Tyro through our software.  These include newsagents, jewellers, bike retailers, gift shops, garden centres and homewares shops.  Many comment on the same benefits:

  • Faster EFTPOS processing.
  • More accurate EFTPOS processing.
  • Easier end of shift reconciliation.
  • Easier accounting.
  • Faster handling of queries.
  • Better handling of customer throughput.
  • Happier customers.
  • Happier employees.

Selfishly, we love Tyro because it is easy to support and because the Tyro support people are quick to help if there is a query we cannot handle.

The EFTPOS interface within our software continue to be available to our customers without cost.