Touch Networks has provided newsagency software companies with an analysis of telco and other product sales.  This data provides a useful benchmark for software companies with which to compare business performance.

With more than 500 of our newsagent customers vending product from Touch, we have a substantial dataset provided by Touch.

Our largest customer is selling in excess of $43,000 worth of product in a month.  We have  experience at the high volume end through to the low.  This breadth of experience helps us guide our retailers and help them achieve more from the opportunity of the Touch products on offer.

Central to driving telco product sales is the active promotion at the point of sale.  We facilitate this with coupons on receipts, ads on LCD customer displays (se photo) and up-sell scripts on the point of sale screen.

We are thrilled with the performance of our retail network as demonstrated in the recent numbers from Touch.  The success is a testament to good management by our retail partners.