Jewellers who deal in valuable stones and make jewellery items for sale from precious metals need to keep accurate and detailed records of precious metals and precious stones.  Using our jeweller software, these jewellers are able to keep the records they need and manage their businesses appropriately and with confidence.

The stock screen in our jeweller software is built for the purpose, to suit the very specific needs of jewellers. The detail we store in our databases was determined by jewellers and those working in successful jewellery businesses.  We are proud of the facilities we have created and the usefulness of these for our jeweller customers – here in Australia and overseas where our software is used.

There is a flow-on benefit for retailers outside the jeweller channel using our software, not in the stone detail we capture and manage but in terms of how we approach managing this.

Our stringent approach to data management of such valuable inventory items delivers benefits to retailers selling items of considerably less value. We follow the same data management principles and rules for all inventory items.  This benefits all of our retail business users.

There is no doubt about the value to Tower Systems and its customers of serving multiple retail channels. We leverage the experiences of each for the value of the others.