While general computer businesses lament the tough marketplace, we continue to enjoy excellent sales.  We put excellent year on year growth down to being a vertical market software company … specialising in providing solutions across seven marketplaces.  That is, we specialise on developing and supporting software for specific market niches.

While we have added marketplaces for our Point of Sale software over the years, we have done this strategically and with marketplaces which compliment those in which we already exist.

Back in the 1980s, vertical market software companies were all the rage.  Then, as business owners chased growth, many became generalists.  Sales suffered as a result. Today, the IT media appears to have almost forgotten vertical market software companies.

Customers and vertical market software companies have a stickier relationship.  It is more mutual too as each relies on the other.  This leads to a deeper respect of and support for each other.  It fosters a partnership in the direction of our software.

We love being a specialist software provider to a small selection of retail niches.  The knowledge and experience we gain and the assistance and support we receive make for a non-traditional software vendor / user experience.

We especially love serving small business retailers.  This end of retail is all too often forgotten yet they are the lifeblood of the retail economy.

Today’s IT marketplace is not tough, not if you have a sound business plan, products your customers need and a customer service infrastructure which generates excellent word of mouth.