We don’t follow the mantra that the customer is always right.    It would be inappropriate to do so in our business, especially on our Point of Sale software help desk.  If we think a customer has made a mistake, not been completely open in describing their situation or is operating the software so as to hinder its ability to serve then we will say so … gently and with respect.

It is important for our retail customers to use our software properly as this is what will help their business achieve the best return fro their investment with us.  This requires us to interact with our customers fearlessley, honestly and respectfully.

So, sometimes, we have to tell our customers that they are wrong.  It is our experience that it is employees of our customers who take this worse … worse than the business owners themselves.  Some see it as personal criticism when it is not.

By being honest about mistakes being made we hopefully help those involved learn, so that the mistakes are not repeated.

We want what our customers want, genuine business and personal benefits derives from the use of our software.  We are fearless in pursuing these goals.