A risk for software companies is that they become insular, too focussed on what they do and how they do it to consider that there may be better approaches, outside what they know and or are used to.  This is especially risky for vertical market software companies which only live within their marketplaces.

2011 has been a year of looking outside our patch for Tower Systems.  We have actively researched, considered and learnt from businesses and experts outside our traditional retail niches.  This has added to our knowledge and provided to us many opportunities for enhancement of our Point of sale software.

Some of our learnings are making their way into our next software update.  They will continue to flow through software updates in the first part opt 2012.

By looking and and learning from experts around the world, Europe and Asia, we are able to bring to our software a world best practice perspective … beyond what we might have brought had we just played in our own patch.

We are excited to be challenging ourselves and, through this, challenging our customers with new ideas and opportunities.