Our program of providing one on one training for retailers using our Point of Sale software is working well.  Run out of our help desk and offered over the phone with our people logging into the business and training using our customer’s computer system, this is proving to be an excellent way to learn.

There is no doubt that training someone on how to use the software with their own business data is invaluable.  We usually start off showing them parts of the software and then have them take the wheel and use it themselves.  This is when we can test what they have learned.

This one on one training is delivered as part of our Help Desk service.  The opportunities for training are identified and organised by our support team based in questions asked and issues raised. Often, it is a brief session on a specific topic or issue.  It’s easy to organise thanks to the secure remote connection software we use.  We never log in without customer permission.

This is part of our exclusive Tower AdvantageTM program, the customer service program which gives retailers using our software an advantage.