More and more retail businesses in Australia are owned and operated by Asians who have made Australia there home.  We identified this trend seven years ago and responded by establishing the first Mandarin and Cantonese Point of Sale software service.

Today, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking software support has been expanded, to serve our expanding customer base preferring support in these languages.

Our commitment to Mandarin and Cantonese support is an example of our whatever it takes approach to customer service.  Software companies which do not do this will have longer response times as they struggle with language barriers.  All customers will suffer as a result.

In the newsagency marketplace especially Mandarin and Cantonese language support is essential if you want to maintain happy customers and grow your customer base.

Along the way of providing foreign language support we have learnt plenty, culturally and from a business management perspective.  This has driven software changes from which all of our customers have benefited.