We have enhanced one of the training rooms at our Head Office, improving training facilities for retailers using our Point of Sale software.

In this new configuration we can train four people at once under the guidance of a skilled trainer.  Everyone has their own computer and conversation is easy between the group.  This improves the training experience and helps our customers get more from the opportunity.

A common use of this particular training room is the free POS Software user training we provide to new business owners.  Every new owner gets a free day of training in our current software.  This helps them become productive with our software sooner and it reduces the obligation on the vendor of a business to provide training.

On-going training is vital to the successful use of Point of Sale software.  Software changes and training in the enhanced software is essential.  New employees come on board and it is better that they are trained by experts rather than someone who not may not know as much about the software.

Our investment in enhancing our training facilities is another example of our commitment to investing in good customer service.