More than two hundred retailers have requested copies of our tips for retailers in tough times special report.  Just over ten percent of these are not customers of Tower Systems.  We are happy to share our advice widely if it can help any retailer improve their trading situation, even though some of the advice in the special report is specific to our software.

This special report is part of a package of assistance we have created here at Tower Systems to assist retailers doing it tough.

From free reconditioned hardware to free training to our special report on Tips for retailers in tough times and to assistance with maintaining software support coverage, we help retailers who are doing it tough.  This package of assistance has evolved over time, as we have responded to calls for help and situations we have uncovered.

We think that the best help we can provide is advice and assistance on better use of our software as this feeds more valuable and rewarding business decisions.  We have seen retailers turn their businesses around as a result of this.  Going form making business decisions based on gut feel to making business decisions based on facts can unlock tremendous value in a business.

From advice through to more physical assistance we are here to help.