Talk to any major retailer and they will tell you that brand name hardware at the Point of Sale is vital to the stable operation of their Point of Sale software.

With the sales counter the core hub of activity in the business it is essential that it operates without fail.

This is why we sell Hewlett Packard retail specific computers as well as the HP all in one Point of Sale unit (pictured).

There is no point in cutting corners as you will end up paying in the long run, as others have discovered.

We are loving working with HP All-in-One POS unit.  It’s easy to setup, a breeze to support and offers clean access at the retail sales register.

After looking around at POS hardware for years and trying many devices, our experience in recent months with the HP All-in-One POS unit has been wonderful.  All of our help desk team has been POS support certified, meaning we can offer a deeper level of assistance to our customers and there y access the long term on site warranty coverage.

This unit is excellent for just about any retail situation we are finding.  It has a 15-inch diagonal resistive touchscreen display, magnetic stripe reader, and two-line customer facing display.

The durable steel chassis will withstand the prolonged wear and tear typical in retail. The touchscreen display is liquid- and dust-resistant. Use fingertips, fingernails, a stylus or credit card edge – anything at all and it works a treat.

While we are primarily a software company, we are often asked for recommendations and do often supply hardware with our software.  We happily recommend the HP All-inOne POS unit for its elegance, simplicity and ideal service of many retail requirements.  It hits technology at the counter beautifully.