There can be no doubt that running a bricks and mortar retail business is tougher today than for many decades.  In addition to economic challenges, there is aggressive competition from online businesses which have lower overheads.  Add to this the plethora of daily deals sites where suppliers dump excess stock with little regard for retail partners and you can see that retail is tough.

There can also be no doubt that retailers have access to a better suite of business tools with which to run their businesses, tools which can help them more effectively compete. The Point of Sale software from Tower Systems is one such tool which can help retailers significantly improve their businesses.

For example, using our software, retailers can capture and develop a detailed profile of each shopper. Beyond simple contact details, over time a valuable database is built of shopper interests.  This data can be leveraged to drive more sales.  We have retailers doing this today.

In another example, retailers are able to better understand the sales patterns in their business across the trading dsay and the trading week.  they can use this data to better allocate employees, inventory and other resources to maximise the opportunity.

In each of these examples, understanding shopper behaviour is vital. This is what we mean by owning the customer.  the more you know about your customers and their behaviour in the context of your business the greater the value you can mine from the relationship.

There are plenty of ways our Point of Sale software can help bricks and mortar businesses better compete with online and other businesses.  The key is to learn about the opportunities in the software and to embrace them.