Retail businesses with Point of Sale software present opportunities to people buying a retail business.  If the vendor permits, they can access more detailed information about the retail business.  This can help them understand the opportunities available in the business. It can also confirm information provided by the vendor about the business.

We are happy to work with anyone considering buying a retail business in which our Point of Sale software is used. With the vendor’s permission we will show how to access business data and provide an understanding of business performance reporting.

By helping a purchaser to better understand the business we can sometimes bring them close to making an acceptable offer for the purchase of the business.  As we often find, the purchase decision is based on perception of up-side.  Up-side is often uncovered through a thorough analysis of business performance data.

Tower Systems serves in excess of 2,500 retailers with Point of Sale software designed for retailers in several retail channels: newsagents, garden centres, gift shops, jewellers, bike shops, homewares shops and convenience stores.