We are finding that the deliberations over the Murray Darling rescue plan are impacting business decisions of some retailers using our Point of Sale software and some considering partnering with us.  I makes sense with access to water so vital for rural communities connected to this water system.

As a city based company our people have noticed Murray Darling stories covered in the news but have not taken that much notice.

Now that we have a context for understanding the impact of decisions connected with the rescue plan we are more aware and therefore more informed.

We are watching the community meetings and negotiations with deep and personal interest.  Beyond the farms and rural businesses directly affected by the decisions related to the rescue of the Murray Darling Basin, there are many other businesses and people relying on strong rural communities.

Watching recent debates from a more informed perspective has highlighted our ignorance and that of many in the city over importance of a healthy Murray Darling Basin.

Our hope is that those in control get this right for local communities directly affected and all who rely on these communities.