With Christmas trading at its peak, our Point of Sale software has been in high use by retailers keen to track sales performance for this year compared to previous years.

In addition to traditional department and category level comparative reporting, retailers using our software are able to easily compare the performance of suppliers.  This is proving to be useful given changes made to product mixes by some suppliers this year.

Our POS software also offers what is called MAT reporting, Moving Annual Total. This metric is used in big business as well as in many smaller smart retail businesses. It provides an up to the moment year on year comparison. We have MAT reporting in several key management reports.

The key to good business reporting in Point of Sale software is to make it easy to access and run.  With many people in a retail business needing access to business performance data and some of these not having formal business training, it is vital that valuable business data can be accessed without the need for complex training.

This is where the Tower Systems Point of sale software shines.  Our reporting tools are easily accessed, simple to follow yet powerful in what they report.  The result for anyone accessing one of our business management reports is empowerment through knowledge.

As active retailers ourselves we understand the importance of good business reporting and support this with regular enhancements to our reporting suite.