Good Point of Sale software, used well and with commitment (this is crucial), offers excellent opportunities for a retail business to reduce the risk of business failure.

Here are five ways we know that retailers have used our smart Point of Sale software to avoid business failure:

  1. Cutting theft. Theft can kill a retail business.  Using our theft tracking, management and reduction tools enables retailers to reduce the impact of theft, especially employee theft, on the business.  We have seen businesses eliminate hundreds of dollars in employee theft a week by following our advice.  We look at hidden data and provide advice on steps to take.
  2. Being certain of performance. By knowing exactly what is working and what is not working, retailers are able to make fact-based decisions. We have been fortunate to be in a position to compare gut-feel decisions with the opportunity of fact-based decisions and the latter always wins out.  In a couple of instances recently retailers were able to save mistakes which could have cost them thousands.
  3. Driving sales. By making it easier to identify retail hot spots, retailers are able to drive this success even further. Retailers are able to use hot products to sell other products – through tactical adjacencies. We have reports which can help identify and track these opportunities.
  4. Managing employees. Labour is is usually the most expensive or second most expensive cost for a retail business.  labour managed poorly can impose a high cost on the business. Labour managed well can drive business success.  Our Point of Sale software enables retailers to more completely manage, guide and leverage their labour force.
  5. Respecting cash. In many points in a retail business cash can be abused. By respecting cash from the sales counter through the back office and into the bank the business owner can rest comfortably knowing that Point of Sale software is reducing the opportunity for mistakes and fraud.

Retailers can rely on Point of Sale software from Tower Systems to drive better business outcomes and insure their business against tough times. retailers who embrace all that our Point of Sale offers set themselves up for greater success regardless of the economic challenges swirling around them.

The key is proactive engagement. This is where we help.  Beyond the support call, we can assist retailers to genuinely leverage their Point of Sale software make make the most of business every day. We have business advisors who will willingly help our retail customers to leverage their software for valuable success.