Gift shops using our leading Gift Shop Software can expect business success in 2012 thanks to smart business management tools and facilities designed for gift shops.  Tools and facilities for gift shops such as:

  1. LayBy management.
  2. Loyalty marketing.
  3. Theft tracking, management and reduction.
  4. Sales management including end of shift and employee work tracking.
  5. Inventory management including price management, reordering and supplier performance reporting.
  6. Customer special orders.
  7. House brand gift cards.
  8. Customer collection management … for customers adding to build a special collection.

Using our Point of Sale technology, gift shop owners and employees are able to bring greater control to their business as address the one component which has historically been the biggest challenge to manage – stock.  Using our Gift Shop Software, retailers can and do reduce their floor stock without any negative impact on sales.  In fact, the opposite often happens.  Our software is rich with reports which help feed better quality business decisions around buying and floor stock management.