The security camera / CCTV marketplace remains cluttered.  There are back yard operators offering security systems for $2,000, even less.  There are high end players offering systems for $20,000 and up.

For many years now we have offered a powerful digital camera based system integrated with our Point of Sale software. This has helped in many theft situations from a few hundred dollars to well over $200,000 in theft. This system busts crime and it deters crime.

We were the first in our core marketplaces to integrate directly with the Point of Sale software and offer valuable search and access facilities. We continue to evolve the product to deliver valuable outcomes for our customers.

Small business owners ought to be careful if considering a security / CCTV system.   It is a complex business which requires specialist skills and, in some states, certification.

As the warning goes, caveat emptor – let the buyer beware.