To stop our Point of Sale system being just a glorified cash register, we proactively engage with our customers, driving them to get more from their software, leading them to accessing the valuable and rewarding benefits accessible from committed and consistent use of our software.

Beyond our regular online training workshops, face to face user meetings, training videos and advice sheets, we reach out to customers to guide their use of our software, to help them achieve more from our POS software and to help them access tangible benefits.  Benefits such as:

  • Increased sales. Thanks to embracing the free marketing platforms in our software and our terrific loyalty marketing tools.
  • Freeing capital. Thanks to tight stock management and ordering based on sales and not gut feel.
  • Reducing costs. Thanks to making data based decisions rather than gut feel.
  • Reduced mistakes. thanks to eliminating as many manual tasks as possible.

In this sara of stories of how tough things are for retail businesses, we are offering practical one on one assistance to our retail customers, to help them make active and valuable use of the data which is collected and curated by our software … to ensure that the real benefits of partnering with us flow.

This is the Tower Advantage TM in action, delivering valuable support and assistance to help an investment in our Point of Sale system to go beyond being just a cash register.  As retailers ourselves we understand the value of this.  In our own businesses we reap the rewards of leveraging our software to the max. This is what we like to do for our customers too.