Tower Systems has just helped another retailer cut employee theft by using its Point of Sale software to uncover the crime and provide irrefutable evidence. In this instance, the employee was skimming to an apparent budget and doing it in a way which they thought would be undetected by the Point of Sale software. The theft was exposed by using secret and secure facilities in our POS software, the employee confronted and sacked on the spot.

The retail business is now $150 a week better off thanks to the assistance of Tower Systems and our Point of Sale software. The business manager is certain that the theft would not have been discovered had our software not been installed.

Having irrefutable evidence is vital to an employer being able to act against an employee in a theft situation. Thanks to years of work in the area of theft tracking and reduction, we are abel to help retailers gather evidence and take steps to protect their position.

That’s what we did in this situation. One employee who was stealing $150 a week is now out of work and the business is saving money every day. Indeed, the retail business is saving more every day than the Point of Sale system costs.

With theft in retail costing as much as 3% of turnover, most retail businesses can expect to save more each day than the system actually costs.

Tower Systems offers specialist assistance when it comes to theft tracking, theft management and theft reduction. we follow a structured and proven process which delivers valuable outcomes, as the above story shows.

Retailers who want to cut employee theft and customer theft should speak with Tower Systems today.