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Notification of backup success

Users of our Point of Sale software benefit from advice on their desktop screen of backup completion success.  This notice offers comfort to our customers.

There is no substitute for a locally completed backup, a backup onto a storage medium which can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

While it’s easy to back up data managed with our software using any one of many web based or cloud type backup services, data on a USB enables a business to get up and running quickly and without the need to access the internet. This is where cloud and online backups can be a challenge – you need access to they to get to your data.

Our recommendation is that regardless of what a business organises in terms of web based backup, always protect the business with a locally accessible backup. It’s safest.


  1. Surely local backup implies it can’t be accessed anywhere at any time. What if the backup is in the safe at the newsagent and you are at home?

  2. Helen that is why the blog post has been written as it has. Local backups have their purpose as do online, web, cloud, backups. regardless of what online approach is taken, always have a current local backup.

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