Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher, Gavin Williams our Chief Operating Officer and Nathan Morrison our National Sales Manager have been at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, looking at new devices and other innovations about to be released which could benefit retailers.

We are very lucky to have access to this world class event and appreciate the efforts of those who helped us gain access.

The annual CES is the most important consumer technology trade show of the year.  Access is limited and Tower Systems was fortunate to be able to gain access this year.

Of particular interest were the advances on show in the area of personal devices which could have excellent business applications for the retailers in our user community … and some other advances which we will not go into here.

Outside of shiny new technology on show, the CES even provided access to some excellent business presentations from leading experts from Microsoft, WalMart, HBO, Google and others. The insights shared are valuable to developing our knowledge and how we can connect with changes in the world.

By investing in attending CES and similar conferences, Tower Systems is investing in a bright future for its customers.

We will not be using this forum to forecast the commercially valuable learnings from attending CES as these will be reflected in moves we make through the year.