Following success with the next release of our Point of Sale software, we have expanded the beta release program to include more businesses.  This takes a step closer to wider commercial release of this significant software update.

Our structured software development and beta release program respects the importance of our software in the businesses in which it serves.  By taking updates through properly managed and peer reviewed processes we release more valuable software.  The beta process enables us to tweak updates and ensure that they deliver what we promise.

By grouping software enhancements into more sizeable updates we make it easier for our customers to digest changes. Our experience showed that tiny update, with just one or two changes, went unnoticed and even ignored. It was the larger updates which were more embraced and used, hence our approach to bundling more frailties into later updates.

Software companies which do not take their software through a structured beta release program will often find that they deliver sub-standard software to their customers. We have certainly been able to sell against this in the past where users of other software have complained to us about poor quality software updates.