Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher, Gavin Williams our Chief Operating Officer and Nathan Morrison our National Sales Manager have beenĀ participating in the US National Retail Federation’s 101st Annual Convention & EXPO in New York this week.

Businesses and individuals focused on and committed to retail and helping retailers are here in NYC this week, looking at and talking about the future of retail from large stores through to small independents around the world.

Participating in retail field trips, meeting other software companies in the retail space, seeing the latest in retail related hardware and icing with world-renowned retail leaders is presenting the leadership of Tower Systems with some valuable insights.

The four-day event is packed with excellent conference sessions on the latest retail trends and the Expo floor is awash with businesses offering leading edge products and services to retailers to help drive more successful businesses.

Already we have participated in some excellent and insightful discussions and learnt about trends which will be useful in planning and developing software and services enhancements.

In all, this event is proving to be an excellent learning opportunity, an ideal to a terrific year for retailers and companies which serve retailers.

We will be sharing insights gained from the NRF conference at our next round of user meetings.