Tower Systems have been gearing up for an exciting year in retail by being at the forefront of major changes in shop floor and back office functionality. We are ensuring that we are in this position by investing considerably in connecting the senior management team of our company with experts overseas.

Regulars here would have read of our participation in the National Retail Federation conference in New York this week as well as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.  These are just two events where we have connected with other companies like ours as well as much bigger players over the last six months, preparing for which is certain to be a year of opportunity.

You have to be at events like these, the premier events of their type internationally, to be at the forefront.  Our presence and participation provides us with a valuable competitive advantage which will be evident as 2012 develops.

All Tower Systems team members will be briefed on the most recent learnings when plans for 2012 are shared internally over the next few weeks.

In New York in particular we were able to connect with several suppliers and discuss in detail opportunities for the Australian marketplace in a first mover advantage way.

While people will say retail is tough this year, smart people will laud the opportunities that this environment provides. That’s what we are doing here at Tower Systems.