Auckland based retailers using our Point of Sale software are receiving free half day on-site face to face training visits this week. We have a team of four installation and training experts in town from Sydney and Melbourne undertaking the visits which have been scheduled with the retailers and their staff.

By scheduling the visits in advance we have been able to ensure that business disruption is kept to a minimum and that everything is in place for each business to get the most o the opportunity.

Auckland based jewellers, bike retailers and magazine retailers are all benefiting from the free training and support visits.  Our people are equipped with the latest software for each.

To ensure maximum benefit we will have two people at each visit. This will provide plenty of time at each location to ensure that the latest software is running and is properly configured and that the right people who rely on the software receive some professional training.

It’s not often that businesses are given something for nothing in today’s world. We are thrilled to be in a position to deliver this for our Auckland New Zealand customers, to help them get more from our Point of Sale software.

While some software companies are retreating from personal contact, Tower Systems is heading in the other direction by kicking 2012 off with more in-store and face to face contact opportunities. These Auckland based client visits continue a trend which started in Australia immediately after Christmas.

The feedback from customers who have received a visit has been excellent.

Our goal as a company in providing the visits is to help our customers get more form their use of our Point of Sale software. We know that in addition to helping them and their business, we benefit through the greater love our customers feel for us. We also know that it is our commitment to training and support long after selling a system that can really make a difference to a retail business.