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Helping newsagents make the most of the Back to School opportunity

Back to School is an important time for newsagents and stationers. It can account for 30% through to 50% of stationery sales for the year. Tower Systems has been helping our customers in this important start of the year season in a range of ways including:

  • Verifying back to School catalogue files from suppliers.
  • Working with suppliers on stock files to ensure coverage of new items.
  • Helping retailers setup catalogue files for automatically handle seasonal pricing.
  • Training users in how to use the software to handle class booklists.
  • Helping retailers to track school supplies sales through loyalty facilities … for providing a rebate to the local school in appreciation.
  • Helping retailers setup and manage Back to School outposts in shopping malls and other locations.
  • Helping with the management of off-location warehouses for back to School suppliers and the sale of school supplies from pop-up retail situations.

We have helped our customers in these and other ways to ensure not only that they extract the maximum value from the back to School season but also to help them better integrate their businesses with schools in their communities.

Regardless of the season, Tower Systems can assist retailers to make the most of the opportunity by driving business, employee and customer efficiency.

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  1. We have just completed another successful Back to School selling season, our first using Tower Retailer software. Retailer performed much better than our previous software
    which had collapsed under the strain .

    We had hoped updates to the editing of Template Booklists might have come through before this Back to School.

    We had entered around 300 template booklists in the system and we processed over 3,200 school booklists but it had to be done in the “backroom” as it is too awkward/time consuming editing templates with the customer at the counter which is our ultimate goal.

    An ongoing hiccup, extra stock being added to each invoice entered, added some challenges to stock control.

    We look forward to upcoming updates !

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