While plenty in Australia have a day off today to celebrate our national day, in the retail sector many do not. Major shopping centres choose to open today and this means that retailers must open as well – it is usually a requirement of their lease.

Because of the high cost of loabour on a day like today, often close to $50 an hour, small business retailers will tend to work the day themselves, to save costs.

While it would be reasonable to argue that these small business retailers have chosen to go into business for themselves, there are opportunities in the calendar for shopping centre landlords to grant a day off. Australia Day is one such day. It is not a big shopping day – go to any shopping mall and see for yourself. Aussies will be at the beach, gathering around a BBQ or in the pub.  Not shopping.

Closing on Australia Day to give not only retail employees but small business owners a day off would be an excellent move by landlords. It would improve quality of life and quite possible help improve tenant businesses.

Here at Tower Systems our office s are all closed today. However, our after hours help desk phone as well as our senior management emergency numbers are all working.