The latest software for garden centres and nursery businesses from Tower Systems has been helping drive a more successful summer thanks to a range of smart business management tools.

Beyond the traditional Point of Sale facilities which streamline sales and gather accurate trading data, the software is being used by garden centre and nursery managers to leverage existing customer traffic for more sales.

Using a suite of clever and integrated tools, the Tower Systems software is helping attract shoppers back in store as well as helping to encourage shoppers to add to their basket while in-store. In just these two areas alone the software is able to pay for itself by promoting the business without any additional labour investment.

Garden centres and nurseries are ideas places for driving sales efficiency. The best way of achieving this is asking the right question or making the right offer at the right time. Usually, this is based on what a customer is already committed to purchasing. We have garden centres using our loyalty marketing and other built-in marketing tools to drive purchase efficiency and thereby build a stronger and more successful business.

A key difference offered in this area of retail business development by Tower Systems is advice and assistance in leveraging the facilities of the software. It is part of the company’s commitment to help retailers get more from their software than a cash register.

Too often software companies ignore this level of after sales service, leaving their software being only partially used. While the retailer needs to engage, the software company has to offer the additional training and other assistance to open the door for the engagement.