Communication is vital for any software company but even more so for a company which serves small and independent retailers. This is why we have created a new communications role in the company. By new role we really do mean new. This is a role unlike any other we have had previously. It will play a key role in how we communicate … across multiple platforms from the traditional to the non traditional.

We have received an excellent pool of candidates and have commenced reviewing these.  Our hope is to start interviews next week with the new candidate to be on board by mid February.

Once in place, the new role will enable us to better communicate with our existing customers and to better reach out to prospective customers. It will better focus our relevance and share our narrative.

Creating a new role, adding to the head count, is a good measure not only of how business is going for us but also of how we expect business to go. we are excited for the opportunities this new role will bring.