Yesterday we held another of our monthly help desk team monthly review meetings to discuss call activity, review performance, consider customer feedback and talk consider forthcoming software enhancements.

These regular meetings are invaluable to the quality of the help desk services we provide retailers who use our Point of Sale software.

Focused on data generated by our internal CRM system, we look at customer call traffic from a range of perspectives, to help us understand the reasons for calls and actions we might take to improve the customer experience.  By sharing the comprehensive business performance data with all help desk team members we help inform their own decisions each day and invite their suggestions on changes we could make.

With around 2,500 small business retailers relying on our help desk services we take very seriously the role we play in their businesses. We appreciate their commitment and want to respect and appreciate this by genuinely helping them get more from their technology investment.

While our monthly support team meeting takes our support services offline,except for urgent calls, for an hour and a half, the benefits for the remainder of the month are considerable and valuable not only to us but also to our customers.

The Tower Advantage TM is many things. Included in the mix is our high quality and timely support.