In today’s marketplace where online retailers have a (real or perceived) price advantage as well as an operating cost advantage, customer service is vital for bricks and mortar retailers. This is very true in the bike retail space, especially the premium bike retail space where bikes can sell for several hundreds dollars through to many thousands of dollars.

More and more bike retailers are tapped for their excellent product knowledge only to find that the sale is completed online, with another business and leveraging the knowledge of the bricks and mortar bike shop expert.

Tower Systems is on a mission to help bike retailers leverage product knowledge and excellent customer service skills to retain more sales in-store and to stop them migrating to the online businesses.  We have a range of ways we help bike retailers achieve this in our Bike Shop management software.  By more thoroughly integrating our bike shop software with a bike retail business, the business owner and staff are able to deliver better customer service, reward loyalty, bring customers back more often and stock more of what is selling and less of what is not.

Being able to take a walk-in sales query and turn this into a certain sale is vital to the success of today’s bike retailer. Our software can help achieve this by bringing structure and certainty to the sales process. We can create points within the business where prospect details are captured and managed in such a way as to build more certainty around actually winning the business.

Bricks and mortar bike retailers can compete with online businesses … by being smarter, more efficiency and tracking more activity within the business.

beyond selling our bike shop software, we are committed to helping bike retailers prosper. Beyond the pleasure enjoyed by the bikes they sell there is also the community fitness factor. They provide a wonderful service with which we are proud to be associated.