There are several ways retailers can fund the purchase of Point of Sale software and associated hardware.  While paying for a POS system outright suits many retailers, other prefer to preserve cash-flow.  We are agnostic to how our Point of Sale system isn purchased.  That said, leasing and rental have several benefits which retailers appreciate:

  • Cash flow.  Spreading the purchase price of the system over several years enables you to preserve cash in your business for other productive purposes.
  • Tax deduction.  As the system is being used for business, the lease payments are fully tax deductible.
  • Flexibility.  Some leasing agreements can permit the replacement of hardware for newer hardware easily and within the agreement.
  • Warranty protection. Some lease agreements can cover faulty computers and provide backup hardware in the event of a major failure.

We do encourage retailers to make their own assessment and negotiate funding arrangements which suit their personal and business needs.  We have funding organisation we can connect our customers with if they wish.

The key message is that purchasing a Point of sale system can cost just a few dollars a day, a fraction of the tangible benefits usually derived from the proper use of the software.