Valentines Day is very important to jewellers around the world. We know because our Jeweller software is being used in hundreds of jewellery businesses.

By using our software, jewellers are able to more easily promote Valentine’s Day offers to existing customers, reward shoppers through their loyalty program, track sales, track employee performance, track inventory and promote up-sells during and after then purchase.

By going beyond average or traditional Point of Sale functionality and using facilities in our Jeweller specific software, jewellery businesses are able to achieve a beyond average or traditional result. Indeed, it is around a major jeweller retail season such as Valentine’s Day when jeweller specific software shows its real value to jewellery businesses over the shelf software such as MYOB or other non retail channel specific packages.

Take the example of serial number tacking. This is important for a range of pieces sold in any leading jewellery business. Offering a serial number tracking service demonstrates a point of difference and a level of care which can help demonstrate value of supporting the business. It could be the nuance in the sales process which guides a higher priced purchase item. It could also be the difference which brings the shopper back again for another season.

Built into our jeweller software is a range of facilities smart jewellers are using not only this Valentine’s Day but all through the year to drive excellent business results.