Nowhere are the challenges of retail more evident at the moment than in gift shops. The best gift shops are doing well which those which are average or below average are struggling.

One of our missions as a software provider of Point of Sale software to gift shops is to help them lift business performance beyond average, to make the businesses more efficient, more profitable and more valuable.

Gift shop owners are able to reduce their operating costs if they engage fully with our training and embrace the opportunities in our software.

More important is the news that gift shop owners can expect a business wide embrace of our marketing tools to help the business grow sales.

Tie sales growth and a reduction in business expenses and you achieve a healthier bottom line, a more valuable business.

This is achievable thanks to our help, beyond the traditional role of a software support desk. We work with our customers at a business management level, using data curated by our software, helping our customers to tap into the benefits which are led through the software. We have seen gift shops in tough times improve their situation thanks to this type of business help.

This is the Tower Advantage TM, help for business owners beyond the usual from a software help desk, help which genuinely adds value to there gift shop business.