A key challenge of any software company committed to timely live customer service is the managing of Help Desk resources.  You can never accurately predict what call traffic will present on any given day.  While historic data indicates what to expect on an average day, days are often not average.

The graph to the left shows average call traffic presented to the help desk per day and maximum call traffic. the difference between the two is considerable.  It speaks to the challenges of managing for a consistent service level.

We roster our team to provide capacity for unexpected peak in call traffic but to roster so we are capable of handling up to a 50% increase is a challenge.

Over the last few weeks we have been researching and analysing call traffic data from various angles to better understand not only the peaks and troughs but to also understand the drivers for if we can exert more influence over the drivers we could deliver a better customer service outcome to our customers.

We firmly believe that we are only as good as out last support call. often, the assessment of whether a call if good or not could come down solely to timeliness rather than the value of the advice and or assistance provided.  Our late test research is helping us to adjust our help desk management approach, to strengthen and better equip our human and other resources.

Being known for good customer service has its challenges as people expect more of us than an average software company.  We understand this and manage our business with a higher than average expectation ourselves.

The graph above is one of a group we have provided in our latest call traffic and nature analysis. Our decisions are more informed as a result.  From a customer perspective, our help desk service will continue to evolve as a result.

We’re very proud of the Tower Advantage TM and expect 2012 to be a terrific year of even further improvement … thanks to good business data.