As the supplier of software to three times more newsagents than any other software company we understand and respect the challenges and opportunities of the newsagency channel.

Times are changing, newsagencies are changing, retail is changing, newspaper home delivery is changing. We are helping newsagents approach and embrace change.

As newsagents ourselves we are positioned to change along with our colleagues.

Already in 2012 we are seeing that size does matter among newsagency software companies as it determines the investment they can make in their product to address changing needs of newsagents and newsagent suppliers.

Smaller software companies will struggle to keep up with some changes. we don’t say this to be confrontational or arrogant but rather to state it as a fact, for information.

While we respect the role of smaller software companies, there is a commercial imperative which will be more important to newsagents. Newsagents will need to partner with software companies which have the resources and commercial interest in investing in newsagency software.

Tower Systems has the critical mass necessary to invest in important software development and to provide a help desk which is well trained and easily accessed for serving the needs of Australian newsagents.

If you would like to consider joining the Tower Systems newsagent community please contact one of our experienced newsagency advisors.

Size matters when you want / need a software to keep up not only with you and your business but with the specific channel in which you trade.

The chart plots current newsagent customers by software company based on our assessment as at the start of february 2012 based on data gathered from a range of sources.