Nowhere is the challenge of online retail more intense than in the bike retail channel, especially in the premium bike retail space.  Shoppers use bike retailers for their expert advice and then shop online for price.

Using our Bike Shop software, bike retailers can compete with this situation, they can not only leverage their expert advice but also offer a value proposition which upholds their core point of difference over an online business.

Thanks to smart customer service, data tracking and business management tools, bike retailers using our software are able to demonstrate genuine value in their operation and thereby deliver to bike retailers a competitive opportunity.

While our software is called Point of Sale software, it travels deep within a business to provide support for core business principles and to facilitate business outcomes beyond tracking sales and delivering the more traditional services associated with POS software.

Thanks to our work with bike retailers in helping them to compete with online businesses we have learnings which are appealing to other marketplaces facing similar challenges.