Retailers in competitive marketplaces understand the importance of value as it is what they pitch to their own customers regularly – the value of a respected brand, the value of good advice, the value of after sales service.

Smart retailers understand value since it is usually a core principle of their business.

We understand value here at Tower Systems.  We reflect it not only in our software and customer service but also in the hardware we choose to sell.

Our move last year to HP branded hardware is a good example of our commitment to value.  HP backs their gear with a three year on site warranty.  They are committed to quality and performance … two critical factors to retailers who rely on the equipment to run the sales counters in their businesses.

Hardware selection is not something to do on price because, as the maxim says, you get what you pay for.

Cheap hardware is cheap for a reason. Just as cheap products in any retail store are cheap for a reason. We recommend against cheap hardware, especially if you are relying on the hardware for critical business functions.

We are here for the long haul and not just today’s sale. This is why we offer quality hardware valued y quality warranty coverage. It’s a poi t of difference for us and another example of the towr Advantage TM.