With Pandora withdrawing from retail outlets which do not offer a store within a store reflective of the approach Pandora would like, we are helping jewellers using our jeweller software transition their businesses.

A key approach is to harvest the customer data gathered in the sales process.  Knowing who has purchased Pandora product is valuable data to any smart jeweller. This database can be used by the business to leverage business for the brands they eventually replace Pandora with in their business.

We are not making any commentary about the Pandora moves or a judgement of one brand of jewellery over another.  No, we are doing our job as a software company and business experts in providing tools with which independent jewellers can protect and grow their retail businesses.

As with much of what we do, our work with jewellers goes beyond the traditional Point of sale offering. It reaches into many parts of the business, delivering business building opportunities, facilitating smarter business decisions and providing a road forward when the business faces challenges.

With hundreds of jewellers as customers we are well positioned to help jewellers navigate change and structure their businesses for better trading in the future.