We have been holding meetings over the last week with several suppliers to newsagents in pursuit of better outcomes for newsagents through their use of our newsagency software. With most newsagency suppliers this is a mutually pursued and respected road and we appreciate that.

With 2012 already off to a disruptive start for a small group of newsagents and their software company which is closing, the most important thing we can do here at Tower Systems is to continue to provide leadership not only to our newsagent customers but to the channel more widely.  This is a role we are comfortable with as the supplier of software to more newsagents than all other software companies. Our business is structured to leverage our market share and our infrastructure to help newsagents in this way.

Given our position and our approach to business we are often involved in discussions which are confidential until details are more widely released. We respect such confidentiality and use the information to better prepare our teams to help newsagents navigate change as well as one opportunities which are forecast to us in advance.

While we will serve our customers first, we will serve the broader newsagent population where we feel we can assist. That’s where supplier discussions like we have been having over the last week can be beneficial.