Tower Systems is in the unique position for a Point of Sale software company to own and operate several retail businesses. We leverage this opportunity to its fullest potential.

We use our retail businesses in a range of ways which benefit our software company:

  1. As an early release test site for our POS software.
  2. As a place for giving help desk team members exposure to our software in a real world situation.
  3. Somewhere we can play with suppliers on integration innovation.
  4. Somewhere we can test business management principles around the proper and deeper use of our software.
  5. Walking in the shoes of our customers and understanding better what they go through every day.

These benefits make partnering with us more valuable.  Indeed, we think our use of our software in our own retail businesses is one reason for our excellent market share.

While it may not be practical or financially achievable for some software companies focused on niche marketplaces to own and operate a retail business, I highly recommend it for the benefit of the software and of everyone who works in the software company. There is no better way of demonstrating your commitment to your product.

We purchased our first retail business, as a test site for our software, in February 1996. ¬†Everyone who has worked in this and our other retail businesses can claim to have helped our overall software mission … they are an extension of our team, part of our competitive advantage.