A key differentiator for bike retailers over their online counterparts is the level of customer service provided when a shopper is in a physical bike shop. Specialist staff are able to provide a level of customer service and tap into a well of knowledge which ads value to the customer experience. This is where bike retailers can win against online stores.

There is genuine value in good knowledge about bikes and the various add-ons available for the bike riding experience.

Bike retailers using our bike shop software are able to better service customers and provide access to their valuable knowledge thanks to facilities in the software. We leverage in-store knowledge and enable access to this to be used in a way which shows off the value the business provides.

Long after the sale, bike shop retailers using our software are able to provide smart customer follow-up thanks to the data gathered by the system during the sale. This helps the business demonstrate its commitment to customer care and to drive sales from existing customers for accessories and future bike purchases.

While online business promote price as their key point of difference, bricks and mortar bike shops can use knowledge and experience to drive their point of difference. Smart bike shoppers will see this and appreciate it given that the right advice will be more valuable to them in the long run.

The Tower Systems bike shop software has a range of services through which it helps retailers to drive (ride) their point of difference over online businesses. These will continue to evolve to serve the evolving needs of the marketplace.