Some of our jeweller software customers have had the Pandora product line ripped from their businesses by the decision by the owner of the line to change retail direction.

With the Pandora product having been an important part of the retail mix they are looking for alternative products. The data cultivated by our software is helping to learn more about shopper interests and through this to navigate to business decisions as to what to replace Pandora with.

There are some excellent jewellery product suppliers with products which will interest the Pandora shopper. The key is to connect with suppliers who play in the right segment. This requires a through understanding of what shoppers purchase and when. Our jeweller software enables jewellers to dig into their data in this detail.

At the sales counter, jewellers can use our software to reward employees for above average sales. This sharing of the benefits of sales success for the business have proven to be a successful way for jewellers to drive sales and build shopper efficiency.  This puts money in the bank.

Sales associate engagement could be just what is needed in a jeweller business to reap the rewards of a switch away from Pandora … making lemonade form lemons if you will.  Associate engagement along with the right products could see the business race streets ahead of where they were previously and thereby actually gain from the moves by Pandora.

With hundreds of jewellers using our jeweller software we are well positioned to help jewellers make the most of changed circumstances. We also have jeweller suppliers using our software and this enables us to help improve the performance of the supply chain.  This diverse community works well at creating more efficient, successful and engaged jeweller businesses.

Whether your jewellery business is large or small, high-end or everyday, shopping centre or high street, online or bricks and mortar or both … Tower Systems is positioned to help you make the most of opportunities which come your way as well as helping you to create opportunities for yourself.

This is what we do, we help Jewellers build stronger and more successful jewellery businesses.