There is no shortage negative press around retail at the moment. It seems that every media outlet is happy to write up even a hint of bad news without reasonable perspective and research into the real situation.

Sure, retail is tough. However, tough circumstances make tough people tougher. This is what we are seeing in retail. There are some wonderful success stories. Success stories we are proud to share in and be part of.

Smart, and tough, retailers are fully using our Point of Sale software and creating for themselves, in these reportedly tough times, success.

It all begins with being accountable for your situation. This is an important stand for any business owner, including retailer, to take. To own your situation and embrace it as something you must fix.

Here are just four the ways smart retailers are using our Point of Sale software to create success for themselves in these reportedly tough times for retail:

  1. Taking the guesswork out of business decisions. By eliminating gut feel decisions and making decisions based on facts they are able to reduce inventory wastage, cut labour costs, more effectively merchandise and drive customer efficiency.
  2. Understanding and getting closer to customers. Thanks to terrific customer management and customer loyalty facilities, retailers using our POS software are able to harvest customer purchase data to better serve customers and through this drive sales.
  3. Genuinely managing the business. From buying to employee rostering to supplier engagement to personal time management, business owners can choose to be business people or social people. Business people are the ones who use the software as a business tool and thereby target these tasks for better use through the software. The financial rewards are considerable.
  4. Loving your customers. The words are easy and the actions behind the words so hard. The best staring point ot loving your customers is to understand their value to the business. This is where good POS software can help. It provides the financial framework for the emotion of love toward your customers. Once you understand who you want to love and why you can set about doing it.

Retailers who are prepared to step away from the talk of doom and gloom and focus on making smart, data based, business decisions can find success. This is what many retailers are doing today. Especially small and independent retailers. We are seeing it and loving it.

The starting point to retail success, beyond accepting personal accountability, is to take small steps every day in pursuit or the right business decisions. You know the decisions are right when they are founded in your business data and when your business data is accurate.

Smart and committed Point of Sale software companies will be glad to be in a position to help retailers on this road to success amid a forest of stories of doom and gloom. They (we) can help you navigate your own success.