How many Point of Sale software companies offer regular opportunities for free face to face contact between POS software users and support experts and management here in Australia? Not many, unfortunately.

Sure, some talk about, even write that they do. Most Australian Point of Sale software companies don’t connect live and in person with their customers regularly. We do. Here at Tower Systems we are committed to providing face to face training, sharing and networking opportunities with and for our customers. This is an important aspect of who we are and how we do business.

This week we have three free live and face to face user meeting opportunities where we will meet well over 100 of our Point of Sale / retail management software users.  In Sydney, Newcastle and Hobart a team of people from ur company will meet with our customers. We’re looking forward to it.

It is important that we draw attention to this point of difference, that our face to face contact is real and not just the hype you can get from others, as it is this type of valuable and interactive customer service which can help a retailer take their Point of Sale software and hardware beyond being a glorified cash register. This is what we want … we want our software to offer genuine assistance to the retail businesses in which it used.

As is often the case at these meetings, the networking before and after is as important as the meeting itself. We love it.